Superior Search for Info on Major Cities

InfoForCity has enabled people to find information they need about major cities through a superior web search engine as well as through Google maps.

Superior Web Search
InfoForCity is leveraging technology from Eurekster to build better web search engines called Swickis. They are the best search results because the search engines are focused on specific topics which allows a combination of the administrator and users to create better results. Users can suggest web sites as well as boost the rankings based on the results clicked on.

With InfoForCity, we have developed Swickis for particular topics in major cities such as traveling within the city, Broadway show info, hotels, parks, and more.

Our first Swickis are for New York City and San Francisco:
New York City
San Francisco

Search by Maps

Google map of New York City / Manhattan

Another useful way to find information on a city is by utilizing maps. For example, you may know that you want to find a hotel in a specific neighborhood in New York City. Using Google maps, InfoForCity has developed maps that overlay important information you are looking for.

Our first map is for Broadway information in New York City / Manhattan.
Broadway Shows in New York City

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